We have the pleasure of inviting you to our pre-event in connection with the Norwegian Arbitration Day on 8 February 2024 – with the main theme:  

“Best practice for decision-making processes”

 Intuitively, a tribunal of three is more reliable than a single arbitrator, and a team of lawyers is preferable to a lone wolf. However, all decisions made in a group – be it arbitration tribunals, courts, or a team of lawyers – run the risk of being influenced by group think, confirmation bias and other pitfalls.

The aim of the event is to identify and discuss these hazards as well as strategies that may be employed to ensure optimal decision-making, both when rendering awards and when making strategic choices in collaboration with a client.

The event will be kicked off by psychologist Jan Ole Hesselberg. Hesselberg has authored the book “Better Decisions” (No.: “Bedre beslutninger“), and has frequently aired his views on the dangers of group think in decision-making processes. Recently, he questioned the voting method in the Norwegian Supreme Court, and will share with us the basis for his overall approach.  

This intro will be followed by short presentations and a panel discussion on how tribunals, courts and lawyers can avoid the potential dangers of biases and group think.

On the panel we have Supreme Court Judge Erik Thyness, former Supreme Court Justice of Sweden and professor II on the Scandinavian Institute of Maritime law Johnny Herre and esteemed arbitration practitioners Kristoffer Löf (Mannheimer Swartling) and Peter Schradieck (Plesner)  .

Full details on the panel will follow, but you may already reserve your seat. Deciding to attend is the first and necessary step towards better decisions.

We look forward to seeing you on 8 February 2024!  

You may of course also register for this event even if you are not planning to participate on NAD 2024. 

If you are interested in attending the event, please contact Lotte M. Bakken, e-mail: loba@wiersholm.no